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As our natural resources are depleted we must  keep vigilant on what remains.  There are few open sites left in this region of the country and what remains is more and more difficult to develop.  All the good land has been taken.  The challenge now is to adapt  best practices for site orientation within this context and harness the natural resources with extra care reminding ourselves of the stewardship of the land and water.  The house below is constructed on a frontal dune.  Great care was taken to comply with all the coastal regulations and yet still meet the needs of the client.   There are great opportunities for creative solutions with tight restrictions, whether they are site or budget driven.  Life in a coastal town always remind us of how fragile we really are.  Our Houses provide shelter from the wind, give us great comfort and harbor delight.   The views from the inside take our breathe away and we disappear in the fleeting thought that we are somehow one with nature having temporarily conquered her ever changing shores.  

Prevailing Breezes

House II

Windmill Man 2Prevailing BreezesPrevailing Breezes